Consultations & Mentorship

Beekeeping can be a challenging endeavor and an experienced guide/mentor can help equip you with the right tools needed to aid you in getting through your first couple seasons! If you are interested in learning more about any of the following, feel free to send me a text message or give me a call at 423-994-7687

2023-2024 New Beekeeper Cohort!

Brand New beekeepers: If you are looking into getting bees for the first time, I am available for a consult to discuss: where to place your hives, flight paths, water sources, tipping your hives, and more. With my practical advice and encouragement and your eagerness and willingness to learn, together we can develop a plan for your apiary. $50 for one hour

Mentorship: Mentorship for 2024 is currently full. If you are interested in getting bees in 2025 shoot me a message and we can discuss the Fall mentorship startup.

New-ish Beekeepers: I also offer customized “as needed” one-on-one mentoring if you’d like an extra set of eyes after just getting started. This option is helpful if you’d like help installing packages & nucs, setting up feed, conducting mite tests, keeping your smoker lit (it can be frustrating!), or just to have an extra hand during hive inspections to help you lift things and discuss/observe your colonies. I am also available to answer questions via text or phone for times you need a fast response. $50 for one hour

Current Beekeepers: I am available if you need an extra hand in the bee yard. Mite checks, requeening, swarm catching, splits, and feeding are some of the ways I can help you manage your colonies. Going out of town for a month and need a bee babysitter? If you want a second opinion or simply want someone to help you during a hive inspection-contact me! $50/1 hour

Photography: I am a photographer, and I am available to take photos of you at your apiary or of your farm (or both). I am available for photo sessions taken during hive inspections. Cost is $100 an hour.