Hive Tours

If you’ve ever wanted to (safely) experience what it’s like to be(e) in the presence of thousands of bees this hive tour might be the adventure you are looking for! It includes an interactive hands-on session at the apiary with an expert beekeeper. Call or text 423-994-7687 to book your beehive tour!

Educational | Exciting | Engaging

You will gear up in bee suits, inspect a hive, taste some honey straight from the hive, and maybe spot the queen! You will receive an up close bee education and be able to ask any questions you can think up as we go! You will learn about the honeybees fascinating social structure and ways of communicating through dance, sound and pheromones.

What You Will Get

  • Fully immersive hands-on educational experience with a beekeeper
  • Protective gear (sizes discussed beforehand)
  • Photos of yourself with frames of bees and with your group
  • Honey tasting-fresh from the hive if we are lucky!
  • Hands on experience pulling a frame from the hive (with bees on it!)
  • Learn to identify the different types of bees in a hive
  • Learn about keeping bees healthy
  • You get to ask all the questions you want!

What To Bring

  • Water and a snack (if you are like me and require a snack every 1-2 hrs)
  • Cell phone/camera-for taking photos!
  • A cooling towel (if you get hot easily)
  • Your curiosity!


  • $45 per person *requires a 50% non-refundable deposit once a date is set
  • $150 for 4 people *requires a 50% non-refundable deposit once a date is set

Tour Guidelines

Honeybees usually only sting to defend their hives, however, here are some basic considerations and rules of participation for your own safety:

  • Dress appropriately: Participants must wear pants and no open toed shoes (i.e. shorts and flip flops). Bee suits are sting resistant, not sting proof, and they do not cover your feet.
  • No perfumes: Please do not use perfume or strongly-scented products.
  • No pets! Please do not bring your pet with you.
  • Must sign an agreement: Each participant must sign (or their parents or legal guardian) a hold-harmless agreement that will be available at the apiary on the day of the tour or if need be, we can email the form to you for prior signatures. This agreement ensures that you or the parent / legal guardian understands the inherent risk around a working bee hive and we will not be held liable for bee stings, allergic reactions or unsafe behavior by participants of your tour as well as our right to refuse a participant a tour if we deem they are acting in a unsafe manner at the apiary and near the bee hives.

Call Carmen at 423-994-7687 for more information or to book You can also email me at