Do you collect swarms?

Yes! In fact, all of my hives are filled with rescued or re-located bees. If you are in Hamilton County (or within 30ish miles) I will come out to check on a swarm but I will first ask you to send me photos and a video. If you have bees living in your home and are looking for a removal I will come out and give an estimate. I am happy to come and assess, educate, and provide you with resources.

Do you sell honey?

Do You Teach Classes?

I teach several classes. One is a very basic intro to beekeeping course. This class is taught at various locations. I also teach classes on urban wildcrafting and cyanotype. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to learn when the classes are offered.

Do you do bee removals?

I do remove bees from structures. I have partnered with a local contractor to be able to remove bees from buildings and awkward places. There is a cost associated with removal but we keep our prices affordable and lower than most. Contact me if you want to discuss a removal.

Do you provide mentorship?

I do not pretend to know everything there is about beekeeping but I do have some experiences I am willing to share. If you are wondering how to start beekeeping, what it’s like to be a beekeeper, what type of hive to get, where to get bees, how to add bees to your hive, etc. I am willing to help. I am sometimes available to do a hive inspection with other beekeepers. Shoot me a message and lets talk!