Humane Bee Relocation

If you find that you have honeybees living in your house, barn, tree, or she shed, you call me for a removal estimate. I will also remove Bumblebees!

What to expect if you reach out to me about removing honeybees from a structure

  • I will ask you to send me photos and video of the honeybees to verify that they are, in fact, honeybees. I will also ask that you share where they colony is located, how high up they are, and how long you think they have been there.
  • If it is determined they are 100% honeybees I will come to your home or business to conduct an inspection to determine where the bees have made their home. I use FLIR technology which allows me to find them with thermal imaging. I do not recommend you allowing someone to charge you a lot of money to remove bees if they are only using their best guess to tell where they are at. I’ve seen removals gone wrong when someone tries to go into an area of a home where they “think” the bees are since their entrance is nearby.
  • Once the colony is located we will discuss removal costs. This varies depending on hive location, size, how difficult it is to get to, how long it would take to remove it, etc. I prefer homeowners to be there when I do my assessments so they can see and hear the process so that there are no questions or surprises come the day of removal
  • I will send you a quote and we will setup a removal time and date!

Removal can take anywhere between 3-8 hours and it doesn’t end when we leave your home. There is more time spent gathering equipment, driving to our apiaries, placing bees in their new hive, observing them, making sure they are healthy, giving them probiotics or mite treatments. There’s a lot to it behind the scenes!

I do not do removals for free, however, I try to keep costs low because I want to make sure all colonies can be rescued. If you want to learn more about why it’s not a good idea to let honeybees build their home in yours, checkout my blog.

Contact me today if you have removal questions 423-994-7687