The awe of being in the middle of a swarm!

My name is Carmen and I am the face behind NoogaHoneyPot. I manage 30 hives across three counties in Eastern Tennessee. All of my hives are *thriving* feral, rescued bees. I grew up in a small agricultural town in Polk County, Florida where my father and uncle were beekeepers. I currently reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I remove honeybees from structures, collect swarms, and sell handmade and wildcrafted salves, soaps and hive related items in small batches. I provide mentorship and bee education locally and regionally. My hope is to show people how to love honeybees through hands-on experiences and education! I am proud to be a Pick TN Products vendor.

Beekeeping in Appalachia:

Beekeeping is regional. Beekeepers in Montana are not doing the same thing as beekeepers in Florida and beekeeping in Appalachia is a totally different ballgame!

Do you know that Appalachia consists of 13 states and consists of 5 subregions? The weather in Eastern Tennessee ranges from hot (90’s) and muggy in the Summer and cold and wet Winters. We have a higher rainfall average than the entire United. States and Chattanooga is in a Temperate Moist Forest Biome. While beekeeping in South Central Appalachia has its own set of challenges, it can also be very rewarding.

Contact Me:

423-994-7687 (call or text)


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