Hire me to teach you, your organization, your homeschool group, your book club, or your besties about bees! Meet a real-life beekeeper and bring hands on-sensory education to your outdoor nature school/park, private group or classroom. Presentations can be tailored depending on the age and size of the group. Group size must be 5 or more.

I donate my time to teach 3 complimentary nonprofit classes a year. I have one left in 2024!

My standard presentation time is 45-90 minutes (can be catered to suit your needs) and costs $200.00. I have an observation hive I can bring between the months of April-October

What my interactive, all-senses presentation entails:

Discover what a beekeeper does by learning about what it takes to keep bees. Learn about pollination, male and female bees, jobs bees have in the hive, how queen bees are made, and all things honeybee

Interact with a bee suit, hive smoker (we will light it if we have outdoor space), hive tool, and beeswax comb made by honeybees

Observe a colony of working bees through my uniquely designed observation hive

Listen to the bees buzz as they work together on their observable frames

Touch a hive tool, frames, a smoker and other beehive equipment

See with large images from my own hives of comb, larvae, eggs, capped honey, honeybee pests and more that we can pass around and discuss

Taste if we have permission, attendees will have a chance to taste honey from some rescued Chattanooga bees

With this conversational presentation there is always plenty of time for questions. We conclude with fun, informative coloring pages for the kids!