Host A Hive

Think it would be cool to have honeybees but don’t have the time to take care of them the way you would like to? Go ahead and ask yourself a few questions…

Do I want a way to feel closer to nature? Do I want to know where my honey comes from? Do I want to get more veggie or fruit yield from your backyard garden or farm? Do I want to be a part of an awesome community? Do I want to learn something new? Do I want to lower my blood pressure and decrease my anxiety? All of these things are the gifts that bees bring…and there’s more.


  • Pollination! Your flowers, backyard garden and fruit trees (your neighbors, too)
  • Hive Medicine! Your hive becomes medicine for you, friends, family, your neighbors and community
  • Give bees a home! All of my bees are from rescued hives, therefore your bees will be rescues! You’re basically a bee foster parent
  • Food security-honeybees pollinate more than 130 fruits and vegetables

What’s Included?

  • 2 beehives including woodenware and related equipment
  • 2 honeybee colonies
  • Monthly beekeeper visits (varies depending on needs of the bees)
  • Bee reports so you know what’s going on in the hives
  • Intensive swarm prevention (and swarm collection as needed)
  • Two color hive paint option with hand-painted artwork add-on option
  • Yummy raw honey from your own backyard (amount depends on the harvest)
  • $50 gift card for Noogahoneypot to shop for natural hive products
  • One yearly hive tour for you and your 4 closest friends/family members/colleagues
  • Option to buy the hives and bees after two years

Hosting Requirements

  • Do you have space to devote to two hives?
  • Does the space have low to no daily foot traffic?
  • Are there any regulations in your neighborhood that would keep you from having bees?
  • Does the potential hive location get at least some sunlight at least half of the day?
  • Is the potential hive location easily accessible without having to pass through a building/or grumpy pets?
  • Is anyone in your household known to be allergic to honeybees?


  • Annual hosting $2000 (monthly visits, bee replacements, feed, medication if needed, treatments, equipment maintenance and replacement, administrative and offsite work, travel)