Interview with NoogaTODAY

As soon as I arrived in Chattanooga I wanted to know all about the city and events that were happening, etc. I that’s how I discovered NOOGAtoday. You may not know that aside from being a beekeeper, I am a full time artist. Luckily, they also discovered me! I met some of the editors at an event two years ago, and they even purchased some of my artwork!

A piece of my artwork. I use a photographic process called cyanotype.

When I started NoogaHoneyPot I wrote about it a few times in my stories on Instagram. From there NOOGAtoday followed me and they’ve been following my journey as a new beekeeper. I was honored when they asked if they could write an article on me for National Honeybee Day!

According to Carmen, beekeeping takes time, patience, and money

They sent me a series of questions a few weeks before the interview was published and it took me about 8 hours to fill them out (#adhd) overall. And here’s a secret…they asked me about Bee Movie and I had never seen it! lol I had to watch it so I could answer the question about it.

Here’s a link to the article <—-