Apprenticeship Opening Soon!

When I first got into the field five years ago I was given some advice-if you don’t like death, you won’t like beekeeping. That’s something I never forgot. You know what else I never forgot? My first (subpar) mentor. It’s unfortunate to see poor mentorship, loose guidance, and clueless people leading new beekeepers down a sad path that leaves folks feeling discouraged. I was almost one of them! Beekeeping is not easy and eventually new beekeepers get tired of overwhelming challenges and leave the field of beekeeping forever. 

Mentoring is more than being on call for questions and the truth is, even though someone may have years of experience to back up their knowledge, some people just do not know how to teach. I often hear new beekeepers say they do not want to bother their mentors (so they are messaging me). But if I am your mentor I hope you bother me and I never give off the vibe that you are bothering me.

When you mentor someone you find time for them and you give them the confidence to freely ask questions by encouraging them and showing them they are supported no matter what. Beyond that it’s about holding space for new beekeepers-letting them keep their dignity while challenging them to learn and grow. It’s not something I take lightly!

I am determined to help new beekeepers become successful at the hobby and I am committed to doing more than just answering an occasional text. With me you can freely ask questions and decide what you want for your bees.

My mentorship will have start and end dates, guidelines to help us stay on track, monthly educational workshops, opportunities to learn by shadowing me in my bee yards, access to an endless amount of resources, and best of all we get to grow our beekeeping community by learning together.

The Details

This cohort will start in November and officially end the following November.

Here’s what you can expect each month:

group focused monthly educational hands-on and interactive workshop, Topics will be relevant to the upcoming months in the beekeeping calendar. 

  • 24+ group focused in-person learning opportunities from November 2023-November 2024. Each meetup will include some lecture and some hands-on time
  • Season long mentorship
  • An initial site tour (on your property) to determine hive placement, etc. 
  • Visits to multiple apiaries
  • Swarm catching/rescue
  • Chances for you to shadow me and work in my apiaries and learn with hands on demonstrations 
  • Private group chat with fellow students and instructor
  • Text me anytime with questions or concerns 
  • Guest speakers (when possible)
  • Hands-on honey and wax processing
  • Your own bee colony in the Spring!
  • Limitless amount of encouragement!

Each month you will get both practical bee related education and hands on experience. Cost is $50 a month and can be either paid in full up front, you may pay half for the first 6 months and half later or, if needed, monthly. 

If you are truly interested and ready to get bees in the Spring of 2023, send me a text message (423-994-7687) and we can discuss mentorship further and I can answer any questions you may have!